Primera for terminal sires (terminal Composite developed by Focus Genetics using Suffolk, Poll Dorset and Australian White Suffolk genetics).

Traits include Maintenance Efficiency, Easy Lambing, Higher Growth rates and Prolificy.

Pure Primera rams for terminal sire with great growth rates.

Primera is unbeaten in any growth trials carried out on my farm.

Finishing 21 days earlier than Texel, but at R3 grades.

Primera is a big favourite to cover ewe lambs as it leads to easier lambing which helps both lamb, mother and you also in labour time

We have been single sire mating for the last 10 years and are not frightened to put one of these rams to 120 ewes, over 90% covered in the first cycle.

Primera crossed on the Highlander ewes have produced the best lamb in the tasting trials, giving a tasty and tender very succulent meat.

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