Crosby Crosby Cleland Fencing & Gates

In 1974 Crosby Cleland started fencing on his own farm. In 1976 professional fencing to other farmers started and rapidly developed, erecting many different types of fencing to the very highest standard. Today, stock fencing and wooden fencing are now the main speciality.

In 1989 we started making wooden gates using home-grown softwoods. As demand inceased and the availability of good grained woods became difficult to locate, we needed to seek other sources of gates. A.J. Charlton and Sons Limited were chosen for their excellent quality and range available and it wasn't long until we were given the agency for Charlton gates in Northern Ireland. Today we would store up to 180 to 200 gates for you to choose from.

Stock Fencing & D-rail materials all available for supply and instalation.

Postsaver Sleeves to prevent decay (Double the life of your fence) available for purchase. Various sizes available and can be applied to posts on-site.

Gallagher Electric Fencing products all available.

Hedging and Trees available for supply and installation all up to CMS Standard (Countryside Management). All hedges planted using fabric cover plus plastic pins. This allows better penetration with rainwater & less weeds.

Please contact us on: 028 97 510289 - Mobile: 07860 610 987